With our fine-grained network partners we are able to all your groupage in the Benelux, Germany and France to care for.

Groupage Benelux

HE-Logistics B.V.  has strategically placed a fixed number of professional partners. With these partners are regular lines up so that each task can be performed within 48 hours, 24 hour delivery is also in consultation opportunities. By diversietijd of vehicles and speed of action, we can always be of service.

Groupage Europe

HE-Logistics B.V. provides for the transport of groupage throughout Europe. With our European network of professional partners we can deliver your pallets quickly and cost effectively deliver on the final location.

We have various types of trucks which have all kind of dimensions to be able to transport goods. We make no demands on size of your shipment. In consultation with us, everything can be arranged. Our specialty is directly “on wheels” to deliver enabling rapid delivery is guaranteed.


Logistics service is more than just transportation. We offer – and handling facilities for all types of goods.

HE-Logistics B.V. has the disposal of warehouses at various strategic locations in the Netherlands. This allows our customers around storage and handling facilities available. On – and handling of customs goods is no problem.

We have a total storage capacity of approximately 50,000 sqm.

We also have opportunities for unloading your containers and goods distribution vehicles to be loaded in covered trailers or 13.60 meters. This is done in collaboration with the Department of container and conventional HE-Logistics B.V.

HE-Logistics B.V. can offer you a total logistics package.